Tax Preparation

Preparing tax returns can be incredibly overwhelming. Mistakes can be costly, the laws seem to be constantly changing, keeping up with these changes is expensive and is a full time occupation, and you have other things to do. Go enjoy your precious free time and leave the tax preparation to us.

While you are out with friends or at the gym leave the tax preparation to us.

  • • Your tax return will be prepared by a full time tax expert.
  • • Your return goes through vigorous review processes to insure accuracy.
  • • You will receive a tax analysis to help you understand your tax situation.
  • • Advice to maximize tax savings opportunities is available.
  • • Your return will be E-filed so proof of filing and receipt by government is documented.
  • • You can have the government wire your refund directly into your bank account for a faster refund.
  • • If estimated payments are necessary we will calculate them for you based on your prior year tax.
  • • If your tax situation is highly variable we can do ongoing projections during the year.

We want to be a “partner” in your quest for financial security. You want a professional relationship that includes more than preparing your tax return. Call us before you do anything.