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You have labored for years to build your business and increase its value, but the skills you have needed to succeed in business are not the same skills that will help you find success in a merger or acquisition. Whether you are selling your business, acquiring another one, or planning a merger, it is imperative that you turn to experts during what will in all likelihood be one of the largest, most significant transactions of your life. David Valvik CPA PLLC, an accounting firm based in Brooklyn, has many years of experience in assisting companies generate the largest amount of value possible for their shareholders during mergers and acquisitions, and now we are waiting to do the same for you.

There are a multitude of factors that must be taken into account when planning any business deal of this magnitude. Fortunately for you, David Valvik CPA PLLC has the expertise to lead you through this process, step by step. We can assist you in evaluating product compatibility and the potential for conflicts of interest, economy of scale advantages, and compensation plans for any positions made redundant by the deal. We also offer more comprehensive assessments of the proposed plan, including an exhaustive review and analysis of both companies' tax positions, transaction structuring, and reorganization/integrations made necessary by the deal.

If you are running a business based in Brooklyn and you are planning a merger, acquisition, or sale of your business, contact your local M&A experts today. We have helped numerous Brooklyn businesses through this potentially lucrative but complex and disruptive stage of development. Whatever your position in the purchasing or merger relationship, we will help you to maximize value for your company's shareholders. Do not leave your business's future up to chance; contact Brooklyn's Mergers and Acquisitions experts today.