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Any time you or your business is faced with the prospect of litigation, it is critically important that you have an experienced team of financial experts on your side. Our Forensic Accounting and Litigation Support team has years of experience in Manhattan, and are available to provide you with the critical financial information that may determine the outcome of your case. David Valvik CPA PLLC provides valuable investigation and analysis of financial data that will give you and your legal team the information you need to successfully make your case.

Our Forensic Accounting and Litigation Support team in Manhattan specializes in the following services:

  • Professional negligence suits: We quantify losses brought about by a breach of professional obligation or standards of practice.
  • Business interruption insurance : We investigate the insurance policy in question to determine the precise parameters of coverage, and quantify losses within those parameters.
  • Personal injury claims: We quantify losses caused by a personal injury or motor vehicle accident, including medical bills, loss of income, and any other damages included in legislation.
  • Matrimonial disputes: We focus on the tracing, location, and evaluation of marital assets.
  • Business or employee fraud investigations: We investigate the financial aspects of a fraud case, namely funds tracing, due diligence review, and asset identification and recovery.
  • Shareholder disputes: We perform a detailed analysis of accounting records, often going back multiple years.
  • Business loss lawsuits: We quantify losses based on any number of business situations, including contract disputes, trademark or patent infringements, and liability claims.

In all cases, our services focus on providing a detailed and comprehensive analysis and accounting of the financial situation in order to provide our clients with the critical information they need to successfully navigate litigation. Contact our experienced and professional Manhattan team today, and feel secure in your financial knowledge of your case.